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Bereavement – How can we help?

Bereavement – How can we help?
February 2020

One of the worst times in anyone’s life is at the loss of a loved one and can be devastating. It takes time to grieve and individuals respond differently and grieve at their own pace. Everyone needs time and space to go through the bereavement processes.
It is important to have someone to turn to and obtain support and advice, particularly as the bereavement processes are distressing and tiring, leaving many to feel unable to cope and confused after a while. Many people do not have family to help them and not everyone belongs to supportive communities or groups, so press on alone.

The help you need
Solicitors see clients during different phases of bereavement and try to give you the help and support you need to get through the labyrinth of paperwork and documents to deal with the requirements for probate and administer an Estate. We focus on being open and empathetic to give you the peace of mind that we will be doing our best for you and particularly to sort out matters with the institutions as quickly as possible; such as with the banks or the Inland Revenue.
Individuals who have younger or dependent family members may have to support them through the grieving process, not having time for themselves, but going on with daily routines and so are unable to fit in everything to complete probate matters. This is where solicitors can particularly help by taking up some of the strain. Handing the administration of the Estate over to professionals can give the bereaved the space and time to grieve, rather than be burdened with the requirements of the various protocols and procedures needed to comply with the expectations of the institutions involved in the affairs of the deceased.

The complications
There can be emotional and financial stresses for the bereaved, creating complications where they were unmarried couples or couples in their second or third marriage, with children from previous relationships or may have children together. It is important to have a Will that is clear and inclusive to reflect accurately your wishes so there is less likelihood for misunderstanding or disappointment during the administration of an Estate.
There are practical ways of dealing with the sensitive issues in your Will and full discussion with the solicitor who will be drafting your Will is advisable.

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