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Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist
January 2021

Moving House Checklist

As conveyancing experts we know how stressful buying, selling and moving house can be, so we have put together a handy checklist to help you feel more organised when moving house.
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4-2 Weeks To Go
  •   Packing
    Start sorting through your belongings and dispose of items you do not need.
  •   Removal Companies
    Get some estimates from removal companies.
  •   Insurance
    Check with your home contents insurance that you are covered for the move and change to the new address for the day you move in.
  •   Utilities
    Make arrangements for gas, water and electricity meters to be read and arrange to take over these at your new address.
  •   Telecommunications
    Notify your telephone and broadband provider to make arrangements for disconnecting at your previous address and installing items at your new address.
  •   Post
    Look into re-directing your post for when you move.
  •   Children
    Look into the possibility of having small children stay with family or friends on the day of the move.
  •   Pets
    Make arrangements for the address on your pet’s microchip to be changed.
1 Week To Go
  •   Laundry
    Do any last minute laundry.
  •   Kitchen Cupboards/ Fridge and Freezer
    Go through and throw away anything not in date and make sure everything is sealed correctly.
  •  Valuables/ Documents
    Store valuables and documents in a safe place ready for the move.

Change of Address
Tell companies you’re moving;
– Employer/tax office
– Schools
– Inland Revenue
– Local Council
– Bank/Building Soc.
– Credit Companies
– Gas, Electric & Water
– Insurance Companies
– Doctor/Dentist
– Vets
– TV Licensing

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