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Closure Announcement

Over the last 10 months we have been unable to attract qualified staff to our legal practice, Beacon Wealth Legal, to replace those that have moved on. We therefore cannot maintain the levels of service that we demand of ourselves, and those that clients naturally require.

This means that unfortunately, and with regret, we will be closing the legal practice as soon as is practical. It has been a difficult decision to take, and we are attempting to complete as much of our pipeline work as possible first.  To assist our team we stopped taking on clients from the end of February in the hope that solicitors would be recruited, but a practice can only continue for so long like this.

 If you feel that you are effected by this action, please contact enquiries@beaconwealth.co.uk and we will attempt to answer your concerns.

All clients will be contacted individually, if they haven’t already, and we will continue to hold all Wills, Deeds and other paperwork through our storage company.

If your Wills/Deeds are being kept at the St. Neots office, they will continue to do so. If your documents were stored at the St. Ives branch, they will be moved to our St. Neots office and kept securely there.

You will still be able to request to retrieve these documents at any time, if you wish, by completing the following form and returning it to enquiries@beaconwealth.co.uk:

Client Pre-Collection Form EDITABLE

NOTE: The closure of our legal practice does not effect any of the other companies within the group that are all flourishing. Indeed the legal practice had never been so busy, it is purely down to the lack of qualified staff.